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Questions about your service or the overall experience? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team to discuss!

Please note, consultations are an opportunity for you to briefly connect with a Tattoo Artist to discuss the type of work you'd like done, pricing and to schedule an appointment if you would like to move forward. We do not guarantee same day service during a consultation. We do have Tattoo Artist available for walk-ins; however, walk-in appointments are first come first serve and based on availability. If interested in a walk-in appointment, please check in with the Tattoo Receptionist upon arrival and they can connect you with an available Tattoo Artist or add you to our waitlist. For additional questions on Tattoo or Piercing Services, please contact us at


To schedule an appointment for Tattooz or Piercings, please submit our general inquiry form or contact us by email. Feel free to upload a picture or example of the Tattoo you have in mind! 

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Thanks for submitting! Our Tattoo Manager will be in contact with you for additional assistance.

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